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Erica L. Satifka

Black Light Diner Distro IS OPEN

Well, it's been open for awhile now, but this is the first I've talked of it other than on my own LJ and We Make Zines. Black Light Diner is a distro specializing in (though not limited to) comics zines, minicomics, and other forms of sequential art zine-type publications. Some things in stock right now:

Art School Chronicles #1: This 24-hour comics zine documents Jessica’s first year as a graduate printmaking student, revealing her doubts about art theory, the usefulness of art, and the legitimacy of comics and zines (which she discovered during this year) as legitimate works of art. A personal zine in comics style, this should appeal to zinesters, comics makers, and anyone with an interest in art.

Forty Four Presidents and a Letter to a Cat: Maria's cute little comic zine provides a biography of every American president. Did you know Washington was the first white president? And that's just our first fact! Plus, a pre-election letter full of anger, anxiety, and... hope?

Evolution Comics #2: In the second installment of Jesus’ adventures on Earth, Jesus and his young disciple Patrick team up with Mor-Bot the Latter-Day Android. Meanwhile, Satan gets fired and takes it out on everyone’s favorite savior. Great for your Christian friends!

Seven Layers of Recipes #1: My fiancee Trebro's vegetarian recipe zine, featuring seven super-easy vegetarian recipes (six come with recommended vegan substitutions) as well as an essay about our conversion to vegetarianism and its benefits. I highly recommend the titular dish, a hearty dinner dip big enough to span two meals. Half-sized, 20 pages.

I am seeking submissions! The full FAQ and my address are on the site. Although I am most interested in carrying comics zines, I am also interested in how-to and recipe zines, zines about obscure subjects or facts, local zines (Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas), fiction zines (ZINES, not books), and zines that may not fit into any one particular category. I am not interested in unsolicited perzines, or music zines, or poetry.

Questions? Email me at blacklightdiner at gmail dot com! I really hope that this is the start of something great.

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